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Our New X-Ray Machine

In this month’s episode, Dr. Slome demonstrates a new piece of technology that the clinic is using — the AllPro Scan X Quantum digital imaging system. Watch the video:


The AllPro Scan X Quantum is a computed radiography (CR) digital imaging system. Unlike traditional x-rays, it uses a digital scanner to transfer the images to the computer screen. Staff can use the computer to magnify, contrast, zoom and create images that would have previously taken sometimes a half-dozen standard x-rays to produce. Currently this is the only digital imaging system with this ability.

  • Dog Behaviour and Training

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  • To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

    In this month’s episode, Dr. Slome discusses whether to vaccinate your pets. With an emphasis on good prevention and staying informed about the best practices, Dr. Slome explains some options that pet owners have regarding vaccinations. Pet owners must be informed about vaccination so they can make an educated decision based on the pet’s lifestyles, […]

  • Veterinary Costs and Care – Why so Expensive?

    In this month’s episode, Dr. Slome tackles the issue of the cost of veterinary care, explaining the various components of animal care such as the technologies that go into caring for your pet. Watch the video below: Health care is expensive item, both for people and for animals. The big difference is that health care […]

  • Choosing the Best Pet Foods

    In this episode, Dr. Slome shows how to read pet food labels and what you need to know when choosing a pet food for your animal. Shopping for pet food is like shopping for a house. Every house has standard items such as doors, windows, rooms and a roof. But your final choice will be […]