Does your dog have some behaviour issues? Do you have a new puppy you want to start off right, or are you wishing that you had a better handle on your older dog’s behaviour, in spite of years of training? Then you will want to check out the latest video offered by Dr. Slome. In Episode 10: Dog Behaviour and Training with Bark Busters, Dr. Slome and a special guest discuss the best options for dog training.

Tara Dracup from Bark Busters, a pet behaviour therapist who has many years of expertise in helping owners overcome common pet behaviour problems. According to Tara, training needs to begin the first day a dog comes into a home. If you have not started this early, you may have respect and trust issues with your new pet.

In the video, Dr. Slome and Tara Dracup address questions like:

  • Can I train an older dog who I just adopted?
  • How can I learn to speak dog language?
  • What are the benefits of training a dog?
  • Does every dog need training?
  • What are the recommendations for house training?
  • Is training breed specific?
  • Are training camps a good idea?
  • Should you have a trainer in your home?

If you, or your dog, are struggling with obedience training, start with this video to get the insight you need.


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