Welcome to your veterinary clinic in Thornhill

We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and partner with you to ensure your pet’s healthcare needs are properly met. Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians are expertly trained in cutting edge treatments and procedures. Our facility boasts the latest and most innovative equipment and is designed to deliver the best veterinary care possible, in an environment that is comfortable for pets and their families.

We work with dogs and cats from infancy through the golden years. Services at our veterinary clinic include vaccinations and wellness care, surgery and anesthesia, dentistry and laser surgery, and senior pet evaluations.

We work very closely with our clients, the community and veterinary experts to ensure the best care possible. We feel honoured to be entrusted with your pet!

  • Please note our NEW Prescription Refill Policy:

    Need a prescription refilled for any of your pets? Please read carefully, as our Policy has recently changed. Refilling prescription medications requires authorization by your pet’s veterinarian (who may not be in the clinic all days of the week) and some medications need to be special-ordered.  As such we require at least two (2) business days notice for processing any ...

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  • Tick Prevention For Ontario Residents

    Learn what you can do today to protect your pets against tick-borne diseases Did you know that Toronto is considered a high risk area for Lyme disease? In Ontario, ticks have been implicated in the transmission of nearly a dozen human and animal infectious diseases, including lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis and babesiosis. Ticks will attach onto your pet (or you) ...

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  • Immunization Awareness!

    What is a vaccine, and how does it work in the body? A vaccine is a preparation that helps the body’s immune system get ready to fight disease-causing organisms. If the immune system has “seen” an unfamiliar microbe (bacteria or virus) as part of a vaccine, it’s primed to produce antibodies if it “sees” (i.e. is exposed to) the same ...

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