Welcome to your Veterinary Clinic in Thornhill

We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and partner with you to ensure your pet’s healthcare needs are properly met. Our veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians are expertly trained in cutting edge treatments and procedures. Our facility boasts the latest and most innovative equipment and is designed to deliver the best veterinary care possible, in an environment that is comfortable for pets and their families.

We work with dogs and cats from infancy through the golden years. Services at our veterinary clinic include vaccinations and wellness care, surgery and anesthesia, dentistry and laser surgery, and senior pet evaluations.

We work very closely with our clients, the community and veterinary experts to ensure the best care possible. We feel honoured to be entrusted with your pet!

  • Dangers of Lyme Disease

    Is your dog at risk for Lyme disease? This all-too-common disease can have long-term effects, both for you and for your pet. Make sure you know what the risks are, and how you can avoid them. What Is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is a disease carried by ticks and transferred to an animal when the tick bites. Borrelia, a type ...

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  • What Can you Expect from a Dental Cleaning/Exam?

    So, you finally booked your pet's dental cleaning? Do you know what to expect? Do you know what you should be prepared for? Did you know that your pet will be undergoing anesthesia? ...

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  • Do you Know What Periodontal Disease is?

    Many pet owner don't know what periodontal disease is, or that is can only be detected during a dental exam. Educate yourself on everything you need to know about periodontal disease. ...

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