In this month’s episode, Dr. Slome tackles the issue of the cost of veterinary care, explaining the various components of animal care such as the technologies that go into caring for your pet. Watch the video below:

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Health care is expensive item, both for people and for animals. The big difference is that health care for people is covered by provincial insurance plans while pet lovers receive a bill for the treatment of their animal companions. But the two systems are similar, and clinics like Centre Street Animal Hospital are, in fact, hospitals, with the staff, building, equipment, medicines and technology required to give your pet the best care possible. The good news is there is pet insurance to help cover the costs of giving loving, tender care to your pets.

We also help educate and guide you in choosing the most necessary and effective diagnostic tests and treatment to get us the best possible medical outcome. We don’t always need a battery of tests for every case or situation, but rather discuss and implement a progressive plan in a team effort, to health and quality of life for your pets.