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Happy Feature Friday! With Dr. Hogle👩🏻‍⚕️

It’s #FeatureFriday ! And we’re putting our very own team in the spotlight (cuz they’re that great)! This week, we’re getting to know the newest member of our family: Dr. Nicole Hogle – BSc, DVM!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine?

“I have always wanted to be a veterinarian since as long as I can remember. I also remember never even considering another career. I wanted to be a vet because I wanted to help animals, and I also really enjoy the cognitive challenge of a difficult case. So in this field you get the reward of solving the case, but more importantly of making an animal feel better.”

Do you have a specialty or favourite area to work in (geriatrics, pain, oncology, surgery, etc)?

“There are so many things, I’m not sure what to pick! I really enjoy the daily preventative medicine, geriatric patients and surgery. I also have interest in ocular (eye) cases. I love that I can make an older animal feel more comfortable and happy by doing simple things like teaching clients about the benefits of dentistry , providing pain relief, or recommending supplements. I honestly just love working with the people and developing relationships with them and their pets.”

What do you love most about working at Centre Street Animal Hospital?

“The thing I love most about this clinic is our team. Seeing as I’m the newest team member, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love how harmonious everyone’s relationships are, and that they can make me laugh. I love that we can work well and efficiently together during the busy times, and really enjoying spending time with everyone when times are slower.”

Happy Feature Friday! With Dr. Goldman👩🏻‍⚕️

It’s #FeatureFriday 😺 And we’re putting our very own team in the spotlight (cuz they’re so great)! This week we’re getting to know Dr. Kineret Aloni-Goldman BSc, DVM, and she’s no stranger to our clinic!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine?

“I knew at around the age of 4 that I wanted to become a veterinarian. It is probably one of my first memories. I have always been surrounded by animals – dogs, cats, ducks, horses are just examples. I grew up in Israel where we had lots of stray dogs and I remember always bringing strays home. I was actively involved in rehabilitating and trying to find new homes for the dogs I found. It was such a great feeling when I was able to help them and see how happy they were with their new families. Pursuing a career in this field was the only logical next step!”

Do you have a specialty or favourite area to work in (geriatrics, pain, oncology, surgery, etc)?

“I really enjoy the variety of things you get to do as a veterinarian, and I love the fact that you always have to challenge yourself and learn more as medicine evolves. When not at Centre Street Animal Hospital, I work as a part-time shelter veterinarian and a surgeon for Toronto Animal Services, so I am lucky to work in two different environments with a variety of species. I love surgery, internal medicine, preventative medicine and geriatrics but really enjoy anything veterinary related!”

What do you love most about working at Centre Street Animal Hospital?

“Although I have just joined Centre Street Animal Hospital as a part time veterinarian in June 2019, I have known everyone at the clinic for the past 10 years. In fact, I have worked here as a locum veterinarian covering for Dr. Slome’s vacation since 2009. I love the fact that we have long term staff members that really get along and enjoy working with one another!”

Happy Feature Friday! With Dr. Slome 👨🏻‍⚕️

It’s #FeatureFriday ! And we’re putting our very own team in the spotlight (cuz they’re that great)! This week, we’re getting to know the one and only Dr. Slome, owner of Centre Street Animal Hospital!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine?

“I have always had Veterinary Science as a contender for a career since I was 5 years old. As a young child, the typical other choices of being a pilot or a firefighter were always present, but being a veterinarian was always my top choice. When I was around 7-8 years old, I was bitten on my arm by a family friend’s dog and it got infected. My mom was amazed when we went to visit those same friends some weeks later, and the first thing I did when getting there was go straight back to play with that dog. I have always had an affinity towards pets, and have been very fortunate to have a career where I can be involved with them every day.”

Do you have a specialty or favourite area to work in?

“While I enjoy most areas of veterinary medicine and surgery, I think over the years of practice I have really enjoyed challenging medical cases – so as a result I would say that geriatric medicine has become my favourite area. I love the challenge of combining my training, experience, new technology and continuing education into an integrated approach to improving the lives of our cuddly family members.”

What do you love most about working at Centre Street Animal Hospital?

“I love that we have a team that works well together, have the same goal of high quality care and ethics, and I enjoy coming to work with them every day. We have a warm, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere which allows us to really focus on the relationships we build with our clients and patients. I have worked in a few hostile environments prior to starting this hospital, which helped me realize what I don’t want for our team. We spend so much time at work, and to enjoy life and be able to practice successfully requires a happy work environment.”

We’re Nominated for a Top Choice Award!🏆

We’re thrilled to announce that for the 2nd year in a row, we are nominated for a Top Choice Award under the Veterinary Clinics in Vaughan Category!

We are extremely grateful that you, our clients, chose us AGAIN for such a special recognition. Your support and trust in us is truly appreciated and we would be honoured if you would take a moment to vote for us:


The Top Choice Awards organization also offers a draw entry for every vote they receive, with a grand prize of $2000 for one lucky winner!

Thank you in advance, we wouldn’t be here without you. We look forward to many more years of working together to keep your 4-legged loved ones happy and healthy! Voting ends December 20th, 2019.
P.S. Your written feedback in the survey is anonymous but very important to us, as it allows us to know what you love about us and what we can improve to continue serving you every day and providing the best customer experience possible.

Celebrating our staff for RVT Appreciation Month!

Did you know October is Veterinary Technician Appreciation Month across Canada? That’s right, we have an entire month to sing the praises for our beloved RVT staff, and we’d love to introduce you! We currently have three Registered Veterinary Technicians working in our clinic – Danya, Roy and Marcela!

RVT Month celebrates the teamwork between RVTs and Veterinarians (DVMs), who provide animals with the highest quality of healthcare. RVT’s are formally educated professionals who worked hard to gain their credentials, and are trained in a large number of areas within veterinary medicine – from anaesthesia to dentistry, lab animal research to animal behaviour, equine to avian and exotics, nutrition to radiology, large animals and shelter medicine.

We’d like to highlight them during this month (they deserve it!). Read more about each of them below:

We first met Danya when she came to Centre Street Animal Hospital at 11 years old, as a client with her very first kitten! We were thrilled to see her come full circle in the summer of 2011 as she graduated from the veterinary technician program and joined us as part of the CSAH team!

Roy started working for Centre Street Animal Hospital in the summer of 2005 after graduating with honors from the Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College. He has a special interest in the veterinary emergency field where the fast pace keeps him on his toes for new advancements in animal medicine.

Marcela joined our practice in May of 2019, but has been in the veterinary field since 2005. Her specialties as a technician include surgery and animal behavior, and she enjoys the hands-on aspect of diagnostics and procedures.

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