COVID-19 and Your Pets: Everything You Need to Know

During this troubling time, you may be wondering if your pets can be carriers of the new coronavirus.

There is NO EVIDENCE that Cats and Dogs are at risk of contracting or spreading the Novel Coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that companion animals or pets (cats and dogs) can be a source of COVID-19, or spread the virus to humans. Research is still being conducted internationally on infections in different species, but experts have not expressed concern for pets and other domestic animals to be at risk at this time.

How to keep your pets safe:

1. Maintain good hygiene practices, always washing hands before and after handling animals, pet food and supplies.

2. Keep all of our pets away from infected people, as you would with any other household members.

3. If you or a family member are/become infected, limit interaction with pets as much as possible. Avoid all direct contact with your pets – including petting, snuggling, kissing, being licked, or sharing food while symptomatic.

What to do if your pets exhibit flu-like symptoms:

If you are concerned or notice any sudden changes in your pet’s health, contact us immediately and keep them indoors until your scheduled appointment. Signs of illness in cats and dogs can be associated with various common viral and bacterial infections that are not transmittable to humans, so there is no need to panic. Give us a call and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. 905-771-9855

Apart from maintaining good hygiene practices, pet owners do not need to be overly concerned.

We are here for your pets and will plan to remain open for as long as possible during the weeks ahead. However, we also want to ensure the safety of our staff and clients and will be modifying our office hours and consulting times as noted below:

Tuesday, March 17:  10am – 6pm
Wednesday, March 19:  10am – 3pm
Thursday, March 18:  10am – 6pm
Friday, March 20:  10am – 3pm
Saturday, March 21:  10:30am – 1:30pm

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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