REMINDER: Tick activity is temperature-driven, not seasonal.

Hello pet parents! Did you know that spring is one of the absolute worst times of the year for ticks? Whenever the temperature climbs above 0℃, ticks are starting to wake up…. starving and looking for a meal. In fact, they are bloodthirsty and have their eyes on any dogs, cats or warm-blooded mammals (including humans) wandering around. Lyme disease in particular has been an increasing concern around the GTA, so it’s important to prevent ticks and fleas and the diseases they carry.

Cats are generally less likely to contract tick-borne diseases, however families with outdoor cats and families with both dogs and cats have an increased risk. In addition, ticks can migrate from pets to people, so everyone in your family can be at risk! There are now several product choices available, and depending on their environment and risk, we can recommend the correct product for your pet’s individual needs. Determining the diseases present in your area, annual testing for these diseases, and taking extra precautions outdoors are always recommended! Simply call, email or visit us to pick up your pet’s tick preventatives to ensure that they and the rest of your family are protected.

Insider Preview:  Starting this heartworm season (June 1st) there is a new all-in-one product on its way! Simparica Trio will be available later this spring. When ordering your tick prevention products, please let us know if you would like to be put on our waiting list and you will be first in line when the new product arrives! Stay tuned, more details to follow!!  Give us a call to reserve your medication!

Meet Our Newest Client Care Specialist!

Jasmine is a single mom of 2 boys, and 2 feline fur babies. She has always had a love for animals, bringing strays home and taming feral cats when she was a kid. Jasmine knew she wanted to enter the field of animal medicine after volunteering with the Ottawa Humane Society for 2 and a half years. She moved to Toronto in 2017 and began working in a sales position, but knew her true love was working with animals. We are thrilled to have Jasmine join our front desk team and help her fulfill her dream of being around animals and their owners, and learning about the world of animal health care. ???????? Welcome to the family Jasmine!