Our Newest Technology

We are always looking for innovative technology for the clinic, it’s part of our commitment to giving your animal companions the best care possible.

Our latest addition is a Digital Imaging System (digital x-rays). The AllPro Scan X Quantum is a computed radiography (CR) digital imaging system and at this time is the only digital imaging system capable of producing diagnostic high-quality digital images in both all full body sizes and all dental sizes.

What exactly is CR? It’s an innovative step in x-ray technology. Unlike traditional x-rays, this new machine uses a digital scanner to transfer the captured x-ray images to the computer screen. Specialized software then helps us manipulate or modify the picture to higher resolution and greater detailed imaging of specific areas of focus than would be possible with standard x-rays.

Our new digital x-rays system will help us:

  • Obtain images and medical answers more quickly
  • Use the computer to magnify, contrast, zoom and create images that would have previously taken sometimes a half-dozen standard x-rays to produce
  • Email images to specialists in a timely fashion with ease if needed.

We care dearly about your pets and we’re always aiming to provide the highest quality care, so it’s satisfying when we find ways to make it even better.

A Closer Examination

We have researched this technology for the past year, and concluded that the AllPro ScanX Quantum Digital imaging system is the best available technology to help us care for your pet due to its unique abilities to cover the entire body and oral cavity, giving us far greater value in extending our diagnostic capacity.

Our trained veterinary support team and myself will then review images on the computer screen to help make our assessment.  And since it only takes 45 seconds to create the digital image, we expect that the new machine will help us keep you, the pet owners, well informed about what we’re seeing.

It’s all part of our commitment to providing you and your pets with the highest quality in cutting edge veterinary care.

Stay tuned to our video blog where I will demonstrate the benefits of this machine.

You can also leave a comment below about how technology has helped improve your pet’s health, or what you’d like to see in the future.