Dear CSAH Family, 

There are no woofs and meows about it, these last 2 months have been extremely challenging for everyone. I could carry on writing about what everyone has already mentioned, however it is not going to change things. I believe that by now, we all realize that we are in the same (Noah’s) Ark, and that we are all trying to find a way to adapt, accept and move on, as this virus flood hopefully comes to an end.

I don’t think it is inaccurate to say ‘thank heavens’ for our furry family members as they have generally been a beacon of joy, and a really important source of comfort during this time. We realize that there is a great responsibility on veterinary health care providers to continue to treat them when they are not feeling well, and to ensure their continued health and happiness via proper preventative care. We have been feeling just as frustrated in being restricted from providing routine care as you have been in having routine procedures and visits postponed. Fortunately, as of Tuesday, May 19th, these restrictions have lifted and we will now be able to provide full veterinary, medical, dental and preventative care again. While there is definitely a sense of relief (as well as excitement) that comes with this, we are still keeping safety in mind and won’t be returning to completely normal operations just yet. There will be a controlled phase-in period to slowly ramp back up while still respecting safety measures for everyone – our team, our clients and our pets. Future email newsletters will provide updates on the progress and changes, but please feel free to contact us anytime you have questions or concerns.

We greatly value the relationships we have with each pet and their family. I want to sincerely thank you all for your patience, and look forward to eventually seeing you all again in person, hopefully sooner than later. Instead of signing off the traditional COVID-19 way, which constantly reminds us of how dour things are and is in our face all the time, let me rather end by saying: Enjoy the extended daylight hours and the warmth of summer upon us; take your dogs out for walks, enjoy interacting with your pets in your backyard, or at least spend more time with them in the bright sunny rooms indoors. These periods of happiness along with the rays of sunlight that surround us are sure to be the best medicine of all… smile, giggle, laugh, and let something about your furry family member make you feel happy every day!

Warm regards,
Martin Slome