It’s #FeatureFriday ???? And we’re putting our very own team in the spotlight (cuz they’re so great)! This week we’re getting to know Dr. Kineret Aloni-Goldman BSc, DVM, and she’s no stranger to our clinic!

What made you want to enter the field of veterinary medicine?

“I knew at around the age of 4 that I wanted to become a veterinarian. It is probably one of my first memories. I have always been surrounded by animals – dogs, cats, ducks, horses are just examples. I grew up in Israel where we had lots of stray dogs and I remember always bringing strays home. I was actively involved in rehabilitating and trying to find new homes for the dogs I found. It was such a great feeling when I was able to help them and see how happy they were with their new families. Pursuing a career in this field was the only logical next step!”

Do you have a specialty or favourite area to work in (geriatrics, pain, oncology, surgery, etc)?

“I really enjoy the variety of things you get to do as a veterinarian, and I love the fact that you always have to challenge yourself and learn more as medicine evolves. When not at Centre Street Animal Hospital, I work as a part-time shelter veterinarian and a surgeon for Toronto Animal Services, so I am lucky to work in two different environments with a variety of species. I love surgery, internal medicine, preventative medicine and geriatrics but really enjoy anything veterinary related!”

What do you love most about working at Centre Street Animal Hospital?

“Although I have just joined Centre Street Animal Hospital as a part time veterinarian in June 2019, I have known everyone at the clinic for the past 10 years. In fact, I have worked here as a locum veterinarian covering for Dr. Slome’s vacation since 2009. I love the fact that we have long term staff members that really get along and enjoy working with one another!”