To keep your dog fit for life, an exercise plan should be established when they are still puppies and continue throughout your pet’s life.

Exercise Ideas

Morning Walks

Morning walks are probably the most obvious way to get your pooch’s metabolism started after a long night’s sleep with chowtime breaks.  Most vets will recommend at least a 30-minute stroll to get their systems started.

Agility training

You can take your pet to an agility course or even build your own backyard dogstacle course.  Place tomato planter poles about 24 inches apart and have your dog weave in and out of them like a slalom race. Find a tunnel at a children’s toy store or Canadian Tire for your dog to run through. You can also set up chairs or benches as jumping obstacles.  These are jus a few ideas you can use at home.


Yes, it’s yoga for dogs and it’s not just a passing fad. In Doga, dogs become interactive props as their masters incorporate them into their own poses.  Classes also involve stretching, massing, chanting, and music that is audible at a dog’s pitch.

Put your dog on a treadmill

Most gyms probably wont let you bring your dog with you but if you have a treadmill at home. It’s actually a great way to get them moving and they even make dog specific ones like the Jog-A-Dog.  Start them off at the lowest speed and reward them with treats to keep them going.  Once they get used to it, you can turn the speed up gradually for a more challenging workout.


Playing fetch with your dog is a classic way to keep your pup active.  Their innate hunting and retrieving instincts hardwire them to bring back their their catch to share with you.

Benefits of exercise

You both get a work out 

Owning a dog introduces new responsibilities to your life.  One of them will mean a commitment to keeping them healthy through exercise, which can benefit you as much as them.  Daily walks and jogs are not just an opportunity for them to relieve themselves on the lawn but a chance to boost metabolism and fight obesity and heart problems.

Improves  Mental Health

Lack of exercise can lead to health issues like obesity and heart problems. Adequate exercise has health benefits that can help increase your dog’s lifespan. Regular exercise will improve your dog’s confidence and reduce his anxiety. If you have a shy dog, you can help him by offering the right amount of exercise every day. He will start being more outgoing and happy.

Increases Trainability

Physical exercise gets your dog used to listening to you and keeps them in line. Burning off all that extra energy, also improves their ability to focus so they can respond to commands like sit, stay, wait or lay down.

Reduces Unwanted and Aggressive Behaviour

A lot of unwanted behaviour like loud barking, aggression, chewing or digging comes simply from boredom.  Exercise is a great way for them to channel all that excess energy into something positive so that they will be less likely to act up.