Top 5 Reasons to Get your Pet’s Teeth Checked

There are many reasons behind why your pet’s dental health is important. Here are the top 5 reasons why their dental health should be checked on a yearly basis.

  1. Your pet is at risk for developing a disease or condition that is related to their dental health. i.e. periodontal disease or heart conditions.
  1. Gum irritation and tartar buildup can happen when baby teeth won’t come out.
  2. Your pet needs regular dental care just like you do.
  1. Dogs and cats are very good at hiding pain. You may never know when they have a serious dental health problem. Routine checkups are the only way to tell if there is a health issues.
  2. Teeth wear out. Your pet’s teeth may be tough but they do wear out. It’s important to keep regular dental hygiene up so that he/she can continue having healthy gums and teeth.

Taking care of you pet’s dental health will ensure a happy, healthy life.


  1. I didn’t know how important it is to get my dog’s teeth checked. Thanks for the reasons for getting them checked! If I didn’t hear about this, I probably never would’ve taken him in. Like you say, dogs and cats are great at hiding pain.

  2. I’m glad you pointed out that there are reasons to be concerned with your dog’s dental health. I feel that it’s something that is overlooked quite often and we as dog owners don’t really see the consequences of it until it’s to late. I agree with the point you made at the end of the article where you state that when we take care of our dog’s teeth, it means and happy and healthy life for them.

    • Thank you for the comment.
      We so often see after a dentistry especially in the more severe cases where oral surgery may be needed in our older patients, that there is a noticeable rejuvenation in their demeanor and reports from their owners of how they are so much more active and interactive again. They often think the behavior is related to old age and slowing down until they see the changes once proper oral health has been restored.

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