Pet Nutrition

We carry select varieties of prescription based pet food from Hill’s and Medi-Cal. These are diets that have been produced after years of dedicated research in pet foods in their research labs before they are released for public pet consumption. Quality control is stringent and very high quality proteins and other ingredients are used. These foods undergo the highest level of testing to help ensure that they are not tainted by toxins, as in the pet food scare from the imported Chinese ingredients in recent times.

Prescription based Pet Food

These foods are categorized as prescription-based food (although you don’t need a prescription to purchase them and there are no prescription fees added on) because they are specially formulated for a variety of dietary needs. All pets have specific dietary needs that may be related to a health condition, age, size, breed or as preventive care to ensure conditions are not developed through consumption of foods that are not appropriate. These “prescription” foods contain qualities to meet those basic needs and in many cases are the only therapy for many medical conditions if correctly prescribed and used. Prescription medications in many cases are often overused, not needed or even contraindicated when using the correct diets.

Hill’s pet food product line includes more than 50 pet foods formulated for the many life stages and special needs that your pet will go through. As well, they offer 60 prescription diet brand pet foods. It’s no wonder then that with the importance of choosing the correct foods for normal healthy life stages as well as for medical conditions, that they keep these diets mostly as veterinary exclusive since they want to ensure that a professional recommendation is made first, to get the maximum benefit for each pet. Medi-Cal pet foods provide a complete line of diets of similar outstanding quality with the same veterinary exclusivity. Examples of prescription diets for medical benefits include specially designed dental diets through a unique manufacturing process that is intended to make the texture of their kibble a greater tool in the scrubbing of tartar off teeth; or specially formulated renal diets for kidney disease where the correct ratio of electrolytes to replace those lost in kidney disease, as well as strict protein restrictions, all designed to minimize the burden and aid the kidney in its function.

Pet Nutrition is Essential

Pet nutrition is of major importance in a veterinary practice because it has a great impact on the health and well-being of all pets. Just like humans, a pet’s diet is a key factor in the prevention and treatment of disease and maintaining good health.

You can visit the Hill’s and Medi-Cal websites to educate yourself more on the products and dietary supplements that they have to offer for your pet’s diet.

It is important to start your pet off with the proper diet from day one, so we encourage you to visit us for a nutritional consultation. A month of the wrong dietary regimen is a long time when you’re a young pup or kitty.

Pet Products

We carry a variety of pet products from hypoallergenic shampoos to treats and toothpaste. All of these pet products have been screened for quality, efficacy, and fair pricing. We are proud to offer our clients as many options as possible when it comes to purchasing items for their loved ones.

A sample of some of the Pet Products that we offer:

  • Hill’s Prescription and Royal Canin/Medi-Cal diets – maintenance and medical diets
  • Dietary supplements
  • Ear cleaning products
  • Flea products
  • Durable dog and cat nail clippers
  • Dental care products
  • Odour and stain control

We carry products from the brand names you know and trust:

  • Treats from Hill’s Prescription Diet
  • Dental care products and shampoos from Virbac Animal Health
  • Treats and food flavours from Medi-Cal Medi-Treats
  • Dietary supplements and treats from Pfizer
  • Special care solutions from Dermicare