February is dental awareness month and Centre Street Animal Hospital has the answers to all your questions.

A lot of clients ask if it really is that important to have their pet’s teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis. The answer is yes! Routine dental check ups for your cat/dog are very important in maintaining his/her oral health. We recommend for your pet to receive a dental cleaning/examination at least once a year.

Periodontal disease is a big concern when it comes to your cat/dog’s oral health. Periodontal disease is an infection around the teeth which includes the gums, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. This disease begins with the development of gingivitis. Routine cleanings/examinations will help prevent periodontal disease by keeping gingivitis under control.

In addition, a cleaning allows for your pet to get a complete oral examination. This is the most important reason for annual dental check ups. Remember, your fur baby is an animal, when they feel pain their instinctive behaviour is to not show it. If your pet is feeling pain in his/her mouth you will never know until he/she undergoes a complete examination.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are the ingredients to good overall health for your pet!