Where can you go to learn more about your pets and being a responsible pet owner? The Internet provides a wealth of information on pets and pet ownership, but you do need to dig through what you can find to get the best possible information and support. Here are some blogs that we feel are the best you will find online. If you are looking for help as a pet owner, this is where you should start.

Ontario SPCA Blog

The Ontario SPCA blog is a great resource written by people who love pets and work hard day in and day out to protect them. You will find humor, tips, tricks and local information for pet owners. The blog will also keep you informed about SPCA news and fundraising efforts, so you can give your support.

There’s a Cat in the Fridge

Why does it seem like all pet blogs are focused on dogs? Cat owners will love There’s a Cat in the Fridge. It focuses on help, support and humor for cat owners and those interested in adopting a cat companion.

The Lazy Pit Bull

The Lazy Pit Bull is filled with tales of dogs and, more specifically pit bulls. Inspired by Nike Jayne, a Pit Bull/Boxer mix, The Lazy Pit Bull will keep you laughing while providing tips on building a pet-friendly life.

Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly’s blog will teach you everything you need to know about traveling with a pet. While the focus is primarily on traveling with a dog or cat, you will find information about traveling with other types of pets as well.


Petfinder is a service that helps pet lovers find adoptable pets near them by searching by location, breed, age, gender and more. Petfinder also has a blog that provides information about all aspects of pet ownership.

The Farley Foundation

The Farley Foundation assists needy pet owners with the costs of veterinary care for their beloved pet companions. The organization was established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. The Farley Foundation’s blog offers support, information and heartfelt stories for pet owners of all types.

Wet Paw Design

Wet Paw Design makes pet beds, toys and apparel out of organic, pet-safe and eco-friendly materials. While not a blog, per se, this is a website we can wholeheartedly recommend when you are shopping for a something special for your pet.