As part of February’s dental awareness month, we thought it would be a great idea to go through the common myths most clients believe when it comes to their cat/dog’s oral health.

We know that a lot of pet owners think that their pet will be fine without regular dental cleanings/exams. This is untrue, pets need just as much dental attention as us humans do.

Myths convince pet owners that annual cleanings and checkups are unnecessary. Here are the top 4 myths that every pet owner should stop believing.

  1. Certain bones and treats are good for my pet’s teeth and help prevent plaque build up so it’s unnecessary for him/her to have a cleaning.

Some bones can cause fractured teeth and cause injuries. Treats like kibble help remove plaque from the top of your pet’s teeth but what about the barrier of their teeth and gums? There’s no treat or toy that can clean the hard to reach area in your pet’s mouth. Gums are very important to clean in order to avoid gingivitis and diseases like periodontal disease.

  1. My pet’s breath smells because he/she is suppose to have bad breath.

Bad breath is common in cats and dogs but very bad breath can be a cause for concern. A cat/dog’s breath can begin to smell poorly if his/her gums are in poor condition or if there’s gingivitis build up.

  1. I’ll know if my pet is experiencing pain in his/her mouth if he/she doesn’t eat.

Although we think of our pets as our furry babies, we have to remember that cats and dogs are animals and animals have different instincts when it comes to survival. Cats and dogs generally hide their pain until it’s completely unbearable. He/she will continue to eat even if they’re in pain. If your pet isn’t eating at all the pain has become very severe and can possibly be the outcome of a serious issue. You can prevent your pet from experiencing severe pain through routine cleanings/exams.

  1. I don’t have to brush my pet’s teeth.

Just like humans, cats and dogs need daily oral cleaning. After an oral examination the vet will explain to you how to clean your pet’s teeth at home.

It’s time to stop believing all the myths and begin taking care of your pet’s needs.