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*Above and Beyond Care, *Location, *Limited Wait Times, *Free Second Opinion, *Open Saturdays…

When you are choosing a veterinarian hospital, which one of these 9 critical things do you want most:

1) Available and Convenient Location?

You probably lead a very busy life and your time is valuable. Because all services are done at this office, you don’t have to book multiple appointments in different offices, saving you time.

When you have an emergency, want a tour, or want to book an appointment, we are available and are open bright and early 6 days a week.

We are very easy to get to: Located at 7700 Bathurst St Unit 40 in Thornhill, just outside the Promenade Mall at the corner of Bathurst and Centre Street. We have patients come in from all over Thornhill, Markham and Richmond Hill because of our convenient location.

2) Takes the Time to Educate You and Care, Not Just Get You in and Out?

Even though they mean well, there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet and circling within friends/family members that could put your pet at risk now or in the future. We take the time to walk you through evidence based procedures and medicine for your pet, even if that means staying beyond our closing time.

You are as much a part of our family as your pet is a part of yours…


Your pet is a family member. Let’s keep them healthy for years to come!

3) Eases You and Your Pet’s Fears, Even if You or Your Pet Are Nervous?

We will give you and your pet a free tour to introduce you to the whole clinic and the staff.

We will walk you through all of your procedures and fears so that you are comfortable.

We will call you after all major procedures to make sure everything is OK.

You and your pet are in good hands…emergencies are handled promptly no matter how busy we are.

And most importantly, we aim to make your pet’s visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


4) Treats Your Pet Like a Member of the Family?

We realize that your pet is a member of your family. We feel the same way too and welcome you into OUR family! Great care is given to make sure that your unique pet is treated appropriately.

5) Respects You Just as You Would Respect Your Vet?

We care about your time as well and extend thanks to everyone that compliments us on our short or NO waiting times.

Also, because we go above and beyond to care for your pet, we thank you for respecting us and our time as well.

6) Free Second Opinion?


Dr. Martin Slome, Thornhill Vet

We realize that since your pet is your family member, you might want to explore options before committing to a procedure, even if it’s not at our clinic. That’s why we can give you a free second opinion. We won’t be doing a full exam for free, it would be a “meet and greet” and a short exam.

7) All Services Done at One Location?

Remember when we said we respected your time? We meant it. We have a big enough facility to do everything on site so you don’t have to book time at another clinic or keep coming back. There are some tests which we may need to send to a specialist laboratory for, but for the most part, we do it all here.

8) Your Pets to Have a Fun Experience and Get Healthy?

Pets of all ages are welcome. We love hearing from pets and their “parents” how much fun they had at our office!

9) An Experienced, Friendly and Courteous Staff?

Dr. Martin Slome, veterinarian doctor in Thornhill, has been practicing for over 25 years. His team really enjoy what they do and it shows in the reviews, the relationships and the quality of care they provide.

We are always friendly and laughing and will treat you with respect.

Don’t you feel safer knowing that the veterinary doctor you have chosen has been keeping family pets like yours healthy for many years?


Dr. Martin Slome and Team at the Centre Street Animal Hospital in Thornhill.