Telemedicine Consultations

Due to social distancing regulations and for your convenience, we have added telemedicine consultations.

What is a Telemedicine Consultation?

It is a virtual appointment with the doctor for your pet! We will arrange for a consultation either via phone or videochat on your cell, tablet or computer.

How Does It Work?

  • The veterinarian will review with you in detail any concerns you have with your pet, will ask you follow up questions and arrange for you to show us various areas or perform certain movements with your pet.
  • Based on this information the doctor will be able to discuss the medical findings and dispense medications as needed. (Home delivery is available!)
  • Should your pet need to come in to the clinic for in-person tests, we will guide you through the next steps safely.

What Are The Benefits To You

YYou don’t have to leave your house! It’s a safe, easy, and targeted analysis of your pet.

How Do You Get Started?

Simply call us at (289) 807-3647 whether you are a new or existing client and we will guide you through next steps.