Pet Dentistry is a major component of preventative medicine in pets. Knowing the signs of tooth decay not only helps your pet’s smile, but also enhances their long term health and well being. Even if obvious signs are not present, your pet’s health can be affected by unhealthy teeth and gums.

February is Pet Dental Health Month!

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate National Pet Dental Month, and this year we have a special promotion running until February 29, 2024.

In order to generate more awareness and alert responsible pet owners of the dangers of one of the most common medical illnesses in our pets, we invite you and your friends to take advantage of this promotion.

Promotional Price

During the promotion, the cost of the full dental prophylaxis will be:

$999.50 + HST

Promotion Details

This year’s dental promotion includes:

1. The dentistry visit. The admission exam includes IV set up for fluid administration, hospitalization, general anesthetic and advanced monitoring techniques, the dental scaling, polish, fluoride, full mouth x-rays, advanced patient warming technology, pain and antibiotic injections – and, of course, lots of TLC! Additionally, every pet will receive a complimentary nail trim.

2. The follow-up exam. Ten to fourteen days after the initial visit, a follow-up visit can be arranged which includes discussion and training on home oral care, as well as a complimentary dental home care gift bag.

3. A complimentary dental exam. Six months after the initial visit, a flexible appointment date is arranged to help monitor your pet’s oral progress.

4. A complimentary bag of dental food. If medically appropriate, your pet will receive a small bag of dental food after their visit.

Please note:

  • The presence of oral pathology during the dental cleaning may warrant oral surgery or specialized attention. Upon the pet’s discharge, a treatment plan for oral surgery and related costs will be provided or a referral to a specialized dental practice will be discussed. A follow-up appointment should be scheduled to take place two to eight weeks after the initial dental prophylaxis appointment.  Breaking down these procedures helps us ensure more accurate assessments, shorter anesthetics, and – ultimately – better pet care!
  • An age-appropriate blood screen is required prior to any anesthetic to help ensure the safety of every patient, and must be completed within four months prior to the dental procedure.