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Here are the top 5 issues we observe at the hospital regularly and we believe that if pet parents are properly educated and aware, they can get their fur babies the pet care they need.

Age Is Not A Disease

At Centre Street Animal Hospital, our team is committed to challenging misconceptions about ageing in pets. We firmly believe that age itself is not a barrier to health. By acknowledging this, we strive to provide proactive and personalized care to ensure the well-being of our senior patients. By choosing Centre Street Animal Hospital, you’re not just selecting a healthcare provider; you’re entering into a partnership focused on the well-being and happiness of your beloved pets in their golden years. 

1. Is your pet sleeping more and less active overall?

While a lot of times this is assumed to be because they are getting older, we often get comments after we resolve a medical issue of how much more active and youthful they become. 

Some common underlying conditions can be:

a painful dental related disease, a heart condition, a kidney condition or under-active thyroid disease (dogs).

2. Does your older pet seem unusually youthful?

If your pet is displaying extremely youthful behaviour, often we find an underlying overactive thyroid condition (cats) or early stage diabetes which can be medically managed.

3. Has your pet gone “downhill” seemingly overnight?

Sometimes this kind of behaviour is surprising to owners because they were doing so well up until the last 1-2 days and now they are lethargic, losing weight and possibly dehydrated.

Owners don’t realize how well pets, especially cats, compensate for illness compared to people, so being proactive with their check-ups and lab work can help find potential issues before they progress to obvious illness in your pet

4. Does your senior pet seem stiff or slow when first getting up and/or less socially active with other animals?

It can be hard to tell if your pet may be in pain since they are still wagging their tail, eating and mostly seem fine but have started being sluggish or slower when moving. Often, this is due to arthritis or back pain. Pets have a much higher pain threshold than people and hide it well, often being quiet or lethargic, rather than showing obvious signs of pain such as yelping or limping.

5. Behavioural Changes in mature animals

Often older pets become more anxious, needy, vocalize more, pee or poop in inappropriate areas, or even become more aggressive. This could be a sign of cognitive dysfunction syndrome or poor vision as a common underlying cause. 

Let’s partner with you to provide our senior furry family members the best health and quality of life in their golden years.

Let’s have a look at your senior pet and make sure they aren’t in pain and are healthy for years to come! Call us today at (905) 771-9855 and book an appointment.

Here are some important details that separates Centre Street Animal Hospital from the rest:

Your pet is an important member of your family. Let’s keep them healthy for years to come!

You are as much a part of our family as your pet is a part of yours…

We are Here to Ease You and Your Pet’s Fears, Even if Either of You is Nervous.

We will give you and your pet a free tour to introduce you to the whole clinic and the staff.

We will walk you through all of the details of your pet’s procedures so that you are comfortable.

We will call you after all major procedures to make sure everything is OK.

You and your pet are in good hands…emergencies are handled promptly.

And most importantly, we aim to make your pet’s visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


We Treat Your Pet Like a Member of the Family.

We realize that your pet is a member of your family. We feel the same way too and welcome you into OUR family! Great care is given to make sure that your four-legged family member is treated appropriately.

Dr. Martin Slome, Thornhill Vet

Most Services Done at One Location.

We respect your time. We have a big enough facility to do most services on site so you don’t have to book time at another clinic or keep coming back.

We Want Your Pets to Have a Fun Experience and Get Healthy.

Pets of all ages are welcome. We love hearing from pets and their “parents” how much fun they had at our office!

We Offer Friendly, Experienced Vets and Courteous Staff.

Dr. Martin Slome, Dr. Kineret Aloni-Goldman and Dr Laura Teeger, veterinarian doctors in Thornhill, have been working with senior dogs and senior cats for well over 45 years combined. All of us here at Centre Street Animal Hospital really enjoy what we do and we’re proud that it shows in our reviews, our long standing client relationships and overall the quality of care we provide.

We are always friendly, having fun and will treat you with respect.

Don’t you feel safer knowing that the veterinary doctor you have chosen has been keeping family pets like yours healthy for many years?

Dr. Martin Slome, Dr. Kineret Aloni-Goldman, Dr Laura Teeger and Team at the Centre Street Animal Hospital in Thornhill.