We’re Hiring

Seeking a Veterinarian

What my mom thinks I do:
• Brain surgery on a Frenchie while simultaneously performing life saving CPR on the hit-by-car that just arrived. All by myself.

What my friends think I do:
• Puppies and kittens. All day. Every day.
• Except for when they have questions about their own pet, then no matter the hour of the day I am here for free medical advice

What society thinks I do:
• So much money. Look at all the money I make. If I cared for their pet I wouldn’t charge them for my services.

What I actually do (if I worked at Centre Street Animal Hospital):
• Take my time with 30-60 minute appointments per patient
• Enjoy discourse with my DVM colleagues, where my opinions are valued and support is always available. I also have all the mentorship from the senior veterinarians that I could ever need (they’re super cool people too).
• Have all the newest equipment at my disposal (including digital dental and full body radiography, digital thermal imaging, platelet-rich plasma therapy and more)
• Utilize my fully trained support staff (RVTs and ACAs) to their full potential, leaving me able to focus on my tasks.
• Actually have a real work-life balance based on the number of hours/days per week I am looking for. No weekend shifts or on-call hours.
• Schmooze with my colleagues, since we all get along so well (no drama or politics!). Plus, they like to bake!
• Enjoy a flexible, competitive compensation package with lots of benefits
• Practice high quality medicine
• Boast to my DVM friends about having found about as close to a stress-free job as possible in veterinary medicine.
• Grow my skills and unique interests/passions – if I want to add a new niche to the practice I can!

If you’re still reading then I don’t know what you’re waiting for: it’s time to contact us at Centre Street Animal Hospital! We are a family-owned small animal practice serving the Thornhill (just north of Toronto) community since 1997 – almost 25 years (wow, we’re getting old). During this time we’ve been able to work out all those kinks, fire all those crazy clients, build up the fancy new equipment, and get to the point where we’re continuing to expand yearly and are looking for a vet like you to join us! Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to find a practice that values the things that you actually want. When you’re saying to yourself: “Yes! How do I learn more? Having serious FOMO here!” – the answer is easy, just email us at resumes@centrestreetanimalhospital.com to learn about all these things and more (and hey, if you want be at the head of the class, send along your resume and cover letter at the same time). We’re excited and looking forward to fulfilling all your veterinary hopes and dreams!

P.S. We can even get you in touch with some of our previous associate veterinarians if you want to get the inside scoop!  No catch, just a way for you to get any questions answered from other vets who have worked with us but moved out of the area.