Heartworm and Wellness Testing Promotion

2019 Heartworm and Wellness Testing Promotion

At the Centre Street Animal Hospital, we are always looking for ways to partner with our clients to continue providing the best care for your pets. One of the key ways we achieve this is by keeping our testing packages at reasonable prices and keeping your pets protected in the most straightforward and practical manner.

We are pleased to offer these helpful packages for this year’s Heartworm and Wellness Testing Promotion.

Packages Available

Traditional Adult (Standard) Wellness Blood Panel –  $187.60 + HST

  • The Blood Collection Procedure
  • A full blood count
  • An adult chemistry and electrolyte panel
  • Heartworm DNA test

Senior (Advanced) Wellness Blood Panel – $228.60 + HST

  • The Blood Collection Procedure
  • A full blood count
  • An expanded/advanced chemistry and electrolyte panel
  • Heartworm DNA test
  • Basic thyroid level screen

Bundling: Yes, we get a greater discount from the lab through bundling the tests.  We are happy to pass these savings on to you.

Choosing the Right Package for Your Pet

We advise following these rules of thumb based on your pet’s health:

  • Under 4 years – adult blood panel screen every other year
  • 4-7 years –adult blood panel screen every year
  • 8 years and older – a senior blood screen every year

Remember: Animals age faster than humans. In general, every 7-12 weeks your pet will age the equivalent of one human year. As such, an annual exam is an integral part of your pet’s health overall care.

Update on Ticks in Ontario

Ticks have been progressively on the rise in southern Ontario over the last 2-3 years. There have already been a number of positive cases of Lyme disease and other tick transmitted diseases in the GTA this year and we are seeing a greater number of ticks directly on our patients (and clients!). There is enough concern now that more broad spectrum tick control is becoming an essential part of the parasite control regimen, and we are advising that those dogs at higher risk be vaccinated for Lyme disease as well.

While Revolution (a broad spectrum anti-parasitic/Heartworm medication) is a licensed product to help control some tick species, it does not cover the tick that transmits Lyme disease (Ixodes/Black-Legged Tick). As a result, we are advising adding in more comprehensive tick prevention in addition to Revolution.




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