Digatherm – Let’s See Your Pet From A Different Point of View

Don’t we wish our pets could talk?

If they could, they could let you know what’s bothering them. Unless it’s an obvious injury such as a leg sprain, they may have other symptoms that makes you call the Vet but leaving you with no idea what’s wrong.

Enter a new technology called Digaterm. Digatherm let’s us see your Pet from the inside out like this:

Ever see the movie The Predator? Digatherm let’s us see a heat map visual of your pet.

This new technology benefits both you as the pet owner and us as the Veterinarian in the following ways:

  • To quickly see which precise areas are in need of further examination.
  • Early detection of many disorders before they become an issue: e.g. osteoarthritis.
  • To see a the progress of any therapy or medication they are taking.
  • A visual tool to help walk you through which areas of your pet are 3. An objective measurement of the progress of any therapeutic protocol; pharmaceutical or modality based.

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