Each breed and style will determine the grooming cost. Many factors contribute to the price: condition of haircoat, behaviour of your pet and if any medicated shampoos are necessary, just to name a few. All grooming services are by appointment only — please call in advance for services needed. There is an extra charge added if your dog is difficult to handle or aggressive (keep in mind that there is a limit to the aggression allowed).

Each hairstyle is completed in combination with a full groom, which includes:

  • Bath
  • Blow dry/fluff dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear plucking (if necessary)
  • Nail trim
  • Cologne or perfume
  • Bows or bandana

If you require your pet’s anal glands be expressed, please indicate this service at the time of admittance. Not all dogs need to have their anal glands squeezed, and some have had a procedure done to have them removed. If you did not request this service to be included in the groom when you fill out the grooming consent form, the anal glands will not be expressed. If your dog has a chronic medical condition associated with the anal glands, please inform our healthcare team upon admittance. The veterinarian may be called to examine the anal glands if the groomer has any concerns.

Prices are subject to change at any given time. Please note that vaccinations MUST be up-to-date or pets may not be admitted for grooming for their own safety as well as others. A record of vaccinations must be presented at the time of admission if not done prior.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Bring your pet in on a regular basis
  • Have your pet’s nails trimmed at least every 4 weeks
  • Communicate your wishes clearly to your groomer to avoid misunderstandings
  • Inform the groomer of any medical conditions your pet may have
  • Make sure your pet relieves himself prior to his grooming appointment
  • Listen to your groomer’s suggestions about your pet
  • Always make sure you let the groomer know of your dog’s behaviour, especially if he can become aggressive when handled a certain way


  • Bathe your pet between grooming unless you are sure all the tangles are brushed out first
  • Use human shampoo or detergents on your pet
  • Expect your groomer to be able to leave much hair on a pet that comes in with an extensively matted haircoat. A short shave may be necessary to prevent undue discomfort to your pet during the groom
  • Forget to inform your groomer of any sensitive areas that your pet may have
  • Forget to brush AND comb your pet between professional grooming
  • Bring in a dirty dog and expect the groomer to give him a haircut without having a bath first

Clip Description

There are many styles and clips that the groomer can achieve. Some specific clips require more detail and time, and should be determined based on your dog’s coat condition as to whether or not it is possible or manageable.

Keep In mind that every groomer has his/her own name for these exact clips. Please describe in detail what you would like your dog’s final clip to look like.

  • Teddy Bear Clip:
    A teddy bear clip is typically the “Long and Fluffy” look. The length is normally ½” or longer and completely scissored. Keep in mind that under certain circumstances a teddy bear clip can be adjusted in length to suit the owner’s preference while maintaining the “long and fluffy” look.
  • Lamb Clip:
    A lamb clip leaves the back, neck and belly a shorter length (about 3/8″ or ¼”), and the head, tail and legs are hand scissored and left neatly trimmed and fluffy. Again, this style can be left longer or shorter depending on personal preference.
  • Kennel Clip:
    A kennel clip leaves the entire body in one uniform length, with the head, face and tail scissored. The lengths of kennel clips are dependent on your preference, starting at about a ½” and ranging to as short as 1/16″. Lengths shorter than 1/16″ are possible, but not recommended, unless the dog is extremely matted and there is no other alternative.
  • Breed Clip:
    A breed clip is the unique hairstyle your specific purebred dog would have. Each breed have their own style and would be either a scissored or a clipped pattern.
  • Bath & Tidy:
    A bath and tidy is what a short-coated breed, a long-coated breed without any standard patterns, or a dog in between hair cuts would receive. A bath and tidy consist of a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, cleaning of hair around the anus and groin area, light trim and feathering on feet, and cleaning of the eyes and face.
  • Hand Stripping:
    Hand stripping is mainly for showing of specific purebred dogs. Some owners prefer the hand-stripped look over the clipped look, and have this look preformed to their specific breeds, even though the dog is not going to be shown. Hand stripping is done with a stripping knife and shortens the hair to a breed-specific pattern or style without the use of clippers. Scissors or thinning shears are used to shape the pattern edges.